Nikola Tesla Museum

The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade was opened to the public on October 20, 1955. It was the first technical museum in Yugoslavia. The opening presented the permanent exhibition, which gave visitors the opportunity to see models built accurately according to Tesla’s drawings.

The museological work of the Nikola Tesla Museum may be seen as beginning in 1957, when the urn received by the Museum went on display as a permanent exhibit. Since October 9, 1969, the Museum has been the property of the City of Belgrade, having been transferred from the federal government by an agreement promulgated in the Official Gazette of the Yugoslav Government.

The Nikola Tesla Museum is today, by any criteria, a scientific and cultural institution which is unique in Serbia and the world. It is the only museum preserving the original and personal legacy of Nikola Tesla. Its holdings include the following exceptionally valuable collections:

More than 160,000 original documents
More than 2,000 books and periodicals
More than 1,200 historical and technical exhibits
More than 1,500 photographs and glass photographic plates of original technical items, instruments and devices
More than 1,000 plans and drawings.